“Don’t let what you can’t do interfere you from doing what you can do” -John Wooden

This is the quote that motivated me to do my first triathlon in 2008.

I had broken my ankle when I was 16 and wasn’t able to run more than 50 yards at a time (when it felt good enough).  I never thought that I could complete a triathlon because I couldn’t run.  I finally decided that I could walk the running part and finish a triathlon.  It was a hit on my ego as I’ve always been a competitive person, but I swallowed my pride and finished the race.  It was one of the best athletic moments from the previous 16 years of my life.

3 years afterwards, I had my leg amputated in June of 2011.

As an amputee, I not only want to participate in triathlons, I want to compete. I hope my story inspires you to achieve your goals, no matter the obstacles.

Follow my journey in the blog as I go through this process.

Thank you everyone for your support!!