First Plastic Socket Fitting

by Damon on July 27, 2011

Today I got to test out the first plastic socket to see what parts needed adjustment. Here are the pics:

Put on the silicon rubber tubing which will be the initinal spacing between my limb and the prosthetic socket.

Putting the limb into the socket. Looks like the crutches have really helped build the arms ;)

Put some weight on the limb. It feels good.

Adding more weight, the limb's nerves started firing off in different ways because it wasn't used to the pressure.

We're finding out where the plastic socket is too tight or causes pain so we can make adjustments. The socket is the most important part of the prosthetic and should fit well and feel comfortable.

Susan's explaining to me how the socket should fit and what types of adjustments we will need to make for a comfortable fit.

Putting additional weight on the limb and Susan is checking my knee area so there's enough space for movement.

Here's the plastic socket with the adjustments marked up. Another plastic socket will be made for next week and we'll attached the foot component on and actually practice walking!

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