First Prosthetic Molding

by Damon on July 20, 2011

They told me today that my limb is ready for the prosthetic leg! They first have to create a molding, which they will make a plastic socket to ensure that it fits well in my limb before the carbon fiber socket is created. Here’s the process:

This is the naked leg, just after taking off the shrinker sock

First step is putting on the "pantie hose" to cover the leg (I didn't feel like shaving)

Next, we put on the silicon rubber to create spacing between the leg and what will be the socket.

Silicon rubber is completely on.

Good ol' saran wrap goes over the silicon rubber to protect it from the wet molding mesh about to be put on.

It's hard to see in this photo, but we measured out about 9 different spots up the limb so we could keep track of it over time.

Here, we've marked out the important parts of the limb so we know where to add extra molding for padding down the road.

Susan begins to wrap the molding around the limb.

Just about done.

Just a little more evening out of the molding.

My limb is now completely covered, we are waiting for it to dry so we can pull it off.

Waiting for it to dry from a different angle.

Pulled off the molding, no problems. This molding will be made into my first plastic socket which will be the test run to make sure my leg fits in it properly.

Thanks Susan, this may be the best mold ever! And OPT, you guys are great!!

Next week I will test out the plastic molding to make sure it fits my limb well. As long as everything goes well, it will be time to make the carbon fiber socket and attach the foot and stem to form the prosthetic. So, at this point, I may be up and walking in 3 weeks!

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Neal Seigfried September 2, 2011 at 8:04 pm

You have quite a long limb. Mine isn’t that long. 6 inches at most.


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