Physical Training has Started

by Damon on August 8, 2011

I had my initial consultation for Physical Therapy (PT), which I am now calling Physical Training since I’ll be getting stronger from here on out :)

My physical therapist, Kerri, came highly recommended as one of the best therapists for amputees in the Austin area.

It looks like the next four months are going to keep me really busy, and there will be a few frustrations along the way. The biggest thing I will have to learn is “sock management”. As my limb continues to atrophy, I will have to add additional thicknesses of socks so my limb fits in my socket correctly. Once I get to a thickness of 15, I will need to get a new socket. They say this should happen in about 6 months.

The other thing that I have to watch out for are open sores on my limb. As I become more active, I have to remember not to push myself too hard or I’ll develop sores since my limb isn’t completely healed yet. If that happens, it means I’m off the prosthetic until the sore heals. I just have to remember to be honest with myself and be patient. As long as I can do those two things, I shouldn’t have a problem.

I am excited as my first therapy session is this week Wednesday!!

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Neal Seigfried September 2, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Everyone is different in their healing, but I couldn’t stand it when using more than 10 plies of socks. It made the socket seem so unstable. And this happened quite quickly for me. I received my first leg on May 20 and needed a new socket by July. Unfortunately for me my insurance would only pay $10K per year so I had to make do until January. My legman was great at lining the socket with leather. This made the socket seem more secure because I could reduce socks back to 5-8 plies. We all shrink at a different rate.

Hang in there. You may have better insurance than I. I’ve learned the insurance tricks like get a foot on a different year than the socket.


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