Second Followup After Surgery

by Damon on July 6, 2011

Second follow up appointment with the doctor today went really well. He said that my healing has been great.

I now have my “shrinker sock” that will help form the leg for the prosthetic.

The doctor said that the healing was going so well that he thinks I will have my first prosthetic in 5 weeks or so! I’m so excited!!

I got my shrinker sock from the Orthotic Prosthetic Technologies, they will be the one that actually determines when my leg is ready for a prosthetic as they will be the one monitoring the swelling and healing of the leg.

Once the leg is ready for a prosthetic, they will manufacture the socket (the piece that my leg goes into) and I am able to choose from any of the prosthetic foot manufacturers for the actual foot.  Their preferred vendor is Endolite, and they have a number of different feet that I can choose from.  Once it’s determined what type of activities I want to do, they will select the right foot for me and begin the process of building the entire prosthetic leg.  It will take about 3 weeks from start to finish to get my new leg.

The hardest part is being patient and waiting for my leg to heal.  I know that the time will come quickly enough, and once I get there, I’ll be off and running!

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